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MaineVu Maine Coons."Happy Tails & Happy Hearts"

Welcome to MaineVu Maine Coons Cattery Marjorie & Philip Berger

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Breeders We Work With

ABSCATZ, Coonopry, DCFD, MTNest, and Willamina.

Photo Credit

We'd like to thank the following photographers for their incredible photos of our cats:

Helmi Flick, Larry Johnson and Audra

Coming Soon!!

We are adding a new kitten to our happy home in just four weeks!! ABSCATZ Dreamboat Annie of MaineVu, a smoke tortie and granddaughter of our amazing RW SGC MTNest Moonshadow of MaineVu-ABSCATZ!!

Breeding Plans

Rosie and Luna will be bred to Ringo this Summer and Tallie to Ringo this Autumn.

Show Schedule

Upcoming Shows (Subject to Change)

Skyway Cat Club

Tampa FL, August 18-19, 2018

Southern Sophisticats

Jekyll Island, GA September 29-30, 2018

Volunteer Cat Club

Pigeon Forge, TN October 26-28, 2018

Skyway Cat Club

Largo FL, November 17-18, 2018

Atlanta Fantasticats Cat Club

Temple GA, December 29-30, 2018


Mystical Moon Cat Club

Ocala FL, January 12-13, 2019

Ancient City Cat Club

St Augustine, FL February 23-24, 2019

Alabama Claws and Paws Cat Club

Anniston, AL March 16-19, 2019

Skyway Cat Club

Largo, FL April 20-21, 2019


A $250.00 refundable deposit  (Personal check or Paypal) will reserve a kitten for you. We welcome contracted kitten buyers to our home after the kittens have had their first set of shots. If you decide to commit to a kitten an additional $250.00 is needed at that time.  The balance to be paid when you pick up your kitten in cash or bank check. If you choose not to commit to a kitten your original deposit is returned to you.

Mainevu Kitten application


Mainevu Maine Coons
Kitten Buyer Application 

Breeders: Marjorie & Philip Berger
12 Clearview Drive

Cartersville, GA 30121

NOTE: This application will remain active for 2 months. If you wish to remain on the waiting list after that time, please contact us. 

1. Today’s Date
2. Complete name and address
3. Phone numbers and email
4. Are you interested in a male or female? Why?
5. What color(s) do you prefer?
6. Members of the household. 

6a. Are you interested in showing or breeding Maine Coon kittens?
7. Is everyone in the family supportive of adding a cat to the household?
8. Have you ever purchased an animal from a breeder before? May we have their contact information?
9. Who will be responsible for the primary care of this cat?
10. Does anyone in your household have an allergy problem with cats? Asthma?
11. Current pets, type, ages?
12. Regarding any cats you have now or have had in the past, are/were they indoors only.
13. Was/is your previous/current cat declawed?
14. If you have a dog, how is its temperament around kittens/cats?
15. Previous pets; where are they and how long did you have them?
16. How many cats/pets have you owned in the last five years?
17. Have you ever had to give up a pet? No. If yes, for what reason?
18. Under what circumstances would you consider having a pet euthanized? (put to sleep)?
19. Do you own or rent? If renting, are you allowed pets? Landlord’s name and phone number.
20. What amount of time will this kitten be allowed outdoors? Do you have a terrace or balcony?
21. Name and phone number of your Veterinarian?
22. When this kitten is altered do you want it declawed, too?
23. How will you handle any clawing problems you may encounter with your kitten?
24. What do you do with your pets when you go out of town?
25. Does anyone in the household smoke inside the home?
26. If you were placed in a position where you could not keep the cat, what would you do?
27. How much time will this kitten be left alone per day?
28. Where will this kitten sleep at night?
29. Where will you keep its litter box?
30. What type of personality are you looking for in a cat?
31. Are you aware that the Maine Coon is a long-haired breed and may require regular (weekly) grooming to prevent mats and hairballs?
32. What made you decide the Maine Coon was the breed for you?
33. What would you do if your cat misbehaves? How do you plan to discipline/train your cat?
34. It may take several weeks for your kitten to adjust to its new home; how will you handle this transition period?
35. What are the top three qualities or characteristics you are looking for in your new pet? 

36 Have any of your pets been diagnosed with Herpes, Ringworm, FIV, FeLV? Treatment Plan? 

37. How did you hear about us? Facebook; Google; FBRL; Kittysites; Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers; Other? _____________________________________________________________________________________
Any other pertinent information you feel we should know?______________________________________________________________.

Files coming soon.


Mainevu maine coons

Marjorie & Philip Berger

Catersville, GA, USA

Or 678-719-8587 or 718-679-6911 daily from 10 am to 8 pm

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