Show cats/past & present

TICA-RW SGCA/CFA-GP Dracoonfly Red (Baron)

Phil and TICA- RW SGCA/CFA-GP Dracoonfly Red Baron, at our first show January 2006.

Phil and Dracoonfly Red Baron, at our second show in Maine, March 2005/2006.

Phil and RW, SGC Dracoonfly Kachina Doll of MaineVu (KD)


Phil and RW SGC Dracoonfly Kachina Doll of MaineVu, Winter 2007.

IW RW SGC Koontucky Kactus Jack of MaineVu (Jack)


Phil and IW SGC Koontucky Kactus Jack of MaineVu. Our very first International Winning Cat! Circa 2008. He was the 23 best longhair cat in TICA.

RW SGC Howlyn October Sky of MaineVu (Tobie)


We showed Tobie to a kitten Regional (best Maine Coon kitten and second best kitten in the NE) and earned a Supreme Grand Champion title.

RW SGC MaineVu Windsong War Dancer (Lupe)


"Lupe" was the first girl of our own breeding that we kept. She earned a Regional Win as a kitten and adult and was a Supreme Grand Champion. Lupe is now retired and lives in Brooklyn, NY with Rachelle.

RW SGC MTNest Moonshadow of MaineVu (Shadow)


Shadow was a dream to show! She earned a Kitten Regional Win and an Adult Regional Win. She earned her Supreme Grand Champion status at 8 months and 17 days old! Very unusual for a female to earn that title at such a young age.

Shadow is retired and lives with good friends Amy and Glenn Sigel.


LA IW RW Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu (MOJO)


We showed "Mojo" for three seasons, He earned a Regional Win as a kitten, then an International Win (14 Best Cat in TICA), and then another Regional Win as an adult. Mojo is my heart cat. He produced many fabulous kittens and he is in numerous pedigrees of his grandchildren, great, great, great grandchildren. Mojo is now retired from breeding and showing and helps us raise his offspring.  Mojo is also pretty famous in his on right. He is the Maine Coon representative for Royal Canin Maine Coon cat food and is in many print adds. He was also on an episode of the HBO series GIRLS. 

SGC/SGCA RW RW RW MaineVu Mojo Rising (Junior)


 Mojo Rising was perfectly shown by his owner  Dawn Faust. He earned 3 Regional Wins, kitten, champion and alter as well as his Supreme Grand Champion. "Junior" is currently retired, but you never know when he could show up! Sire: Mojo, dam: MaineVu Layla.    

IW RW MaineVu Beck of Valcoons (Beck)


 Beck 's sire: Jack and dam: Dracoonfly Calamity Jane of MaineVu. 

Beck and his owners Monique and Josh Lewis showed him to perfection and he earned his Supreme Grand Champion Alter status  with ease and an Internal Win in 2011. Beck was the Best Alter in the Mid-Atlantic Region, as well as the Best Maine Coon Alter and 11th best Alter in TICA. He is also the Maine Coon representative on Animal Planet!  

RW SGC MaineVu Fire in the Hole of DCFD (Ariana)


Ariana attained the titles of RW SGC and produced several litters for her co- owners Karen and Chuck in PA. We are very lucky to have her living with us and even luckier to be with her when she has and raises her last litter before she retires. Ariana's sire is Mojo and dam is Dusty

Abscatz Simone of MaineVu


Simone comes to us from our good friends Amy and Glenn Siegel. Simone is a stunning black silver and white torbie. She has a  fabulous head, with tall well set ears, a fabulous profile and chin and a long rectangular body, a very long tail. Sire: RW QGC Cloistercoon Quinn of Abcatz; Dam: CH Abscatz Forever Charmed.

Abscatz Dreamboat Annie of MaineVu


Annie is our wonderful black tortischelle.  She is a big well balanced girl with a striking head type, a terrific boxy muzzle and strong chin and tall well set ears. Sire: RW GC DCFD Firestorm of Abscatz and Dam: CH Abscatz Sasha

our cats

RW BW SGC MTNest J R of MaineVu ( J R)


J R is a dream cat, he was a joy to show, and has already sired three litters! J R is from our very good friends Judy and David Bernbaum. In just 10 shows (I know it sounds like a lot, it isn't!) he earned the title of RW BW SGC. J R was the Best Maine Coon in TICA's Southeast Region, and the 3rd Best Cat. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is, but there's really not enough room!!

CH MTNest Metallica of MaineVu (Tallie)


Tallie is once again from our dear friends Judy and David Bernabum was a fabulous addition. Though only in two shows, once as a kitten, and once as adult, she was the Best Kitten in her first show and Best Cat in her second show. She is a fabulous mother, delivering 8 kittens in her first litter with Mojo and 7 kittens in her second litter with J R. She will be bred again mid Winter.

MaineVu (Georgia)


 Georgia was born June 15, 2018, she was part of a litter of two from Dusty and Mojo and was from their final litter before retiring.  She's a stunning black silver and white torbie with fantastic boing, a long rectangular body, balance with tall well set ears, a wonderful profile and chin. 



 Laurel Gilmore Barrett  recommends MaineVu Pedigree Maine Coon Cats. April 28, 2019 ·   

MaineVu is a quality breeder with the integrity that you are looking for. I purchased my boy, Ragnar, from them two years ago a and had the most wonderful experience! They love the breed and strive to keep their breeding to standard. Always there for you when you need them too! Phil and Marjorie are trustworthy, they love and understand the breed, the cats are family to them and they are allowed throughout the house. Testing is always done on their breeding cats to ensure there are no genetic issues.  

Photo Credit: Helmi Flick.

LA IW RW SGM Ragnar. Sire: CH Amayalynx Red October of MaineVu; Dam: RW SGC MTNest Moonshadow of MaineVu.



November 18, 2018 · 

Every once in a while, you meet people that reaffirm your faith in humanity.

From the very first time I met Margie and Phil, it was clear how much they loved animals, and that their boutique Maine Coon breeding program was going to be something special. They breed their kittens with meticulous attention to genetic testing, and they care and love for new kitten as if it were their own, until they are finally ready to go to their forever home. As proud expecting cat parents, we were kept in close communication - it truly felt like we were always right there through the critical first several weeks of the kitten's development.

We went to Margie and Phil not once, but twice. Our beautiful MaineVu sisters, Tiny and Pixie, are the product of Margie and Phil's passion for their breeding program. Our cats are healthy, well socialized girls, with the classic Maine Coon look we are in love with.

As you would expect, becoming a forever home for a MaineVu cat is truly being welcomed into Margie and Phil's extended family. We have watched together as a family, as our lovely kitten sisters grow up together. MaineVu Tiny and MaineVu Pixie.


MaineVu Theodore  from LA IW RW SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu and CH MTNest Metallica  of MaineVu.


November 18, 2018 · 

Marjorie and Phil have the most magnificent kittens.This is a labor of love for them and each time we have adopted from them, it was such a wonderful and exciting experience. They stay in touch through the process and love and adore these kittens.
We now have a male red/silver 9 month old. He is so sweet and funny, and is a fabulous playmate with our new puppy.
Not to mention he is stunning!!



November 18, 2018 · 

Margie and Phil care so much for all of their cats that it comes through in their breeding practices. Keeping their program small lets them give each and every cat lots of individual attention. Their babies are beautiful and receive all of the testing and confirmation needed to keep the lines pristine. Love them and all their kitties.

MaineVu Bubba from TW SGC MTNest J R of MaineVu and MaineVu Georgia.