Welcome to MaineVu Maine Coons Cattery Marjorie & Philip Berger

"Happy Tails & Happy Hearts"

About us


Welcome to MaineVu Maine Coons Cattery!

We are a small home/hobbyist TICA and CFA registered  cattery located in Cartersville, GA an hour Northwest of Atlanta. We have  successfully shown our cats in The International Cat Association (TICA) and The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

MaineVu Maine Coons is a Negative cattery for the Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and the Panleukopenia Virus (FPV).

We have one male (LA SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu, aka: Mojo) and three females (RW SGC MaineVu Gold Dust Woman, aka: Dusty), (CH MTNest Metallica of MaineVu, aka: Tallie) and (MTNest Yankee Rose of MaineVu, aka: Rosie).

Our Next Generation: (MTNest Blue Moon of MaineVu, aka: Luna and MaineVu Ring O Fire. aka: Ringo) are now tackling their show carriers!  Come and cheer them on at their next show! Please refer to our show schedule for show dates.

All of our cats are DNA Negative/Normal  for HCM, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and undergo an echo cardiogram every 1-2 years by a Board Certified Feline Cardiologist. Our kittens pedigree includes, not only the sire and dam screened normal, but so are the grandparents, great-grandparents, and other relatives. Documentation of the parents' heart screenings is provided to each kitten buyer. No breeder can absolutely guarantee a cat's heart won't develop heart disease, but we are more comfortable knowing that our breeding cats have normal, healthy hearts.

Mojo  and Dusty were both seen by Gil Jacobs, DVM, DACVIM Cardiology for echo cardiograms for HCM 1/4/18 and were found to have normal hearts and clear of HCM. This is Mojo's 5th echo cardiogram and Dusty's 3rd echo cardiogram..

Pyruvate Kinase (PK) Deficiency is found to be more common in Abyssinian
and Somali cats, as well as other breeds. In 2014 we began testing our cats for PK Deficiency to determine if any of them were carriers. We are proud to report that all of our girls are Negative/Normal (N/N). Mojo and Ringo are both carriers, but NORMAL (N/k). PK Deficiency can only be inherited if BOTH PARENTS ARE CARRIERS.

All of our cats are DNA Negative/Normal for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

We utilize the latest medical screening methods available at MaineVu Maine Coons to ensure that we do not knowingly pass on unhealthy lines. We use UC Davis for all DNA testing.

As new methods of testing become available they will be incorporated into our breeding program.

Our kittens are born in a whelping pen in our kitten nursery and are handled daily.  They remain with their mamma and siblings in the whelping pen until  they are 4-5 weeks old and then they graduate to a play pen and begin learning litter box training 101, and are introduced to solid food.  At 8 weeks old they receive their first vet visit and  kitten vaccinations. They are then allowed the freedom of our home under strict supervision. They receive their second set of vaccinations at 12 weeks, are wormed and receive a microchip.

Our reigning male, Mojo achieved the highest title level in TICA, and is the Maine Coon cat featured in Royal Canin ads and posters! He also made his tv debut in May 2016 in a segment of the HBO series GIRLS!!

Our girls have also achieved Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion titles and have proved to be wonderful companions and terrific mothers.

Our motto is "Happy Tails  & Happy Hearts"

Our goal is to improve, preserve and protect  the Maine Coon Cat, bred to the TICA and CFA breed standards, and to produce Healthy, Happy Maine Coon Kittens as wonderful companions or show cats, who will greet you when you come home with head butts and trills of conversation.

Marjorie and Philip Berger
MaineVu Maine Coons
"Happy Tails & Happy Hearts"
TICA Outstanding Cattery since 2010
CFA Cattery of Excellence since 2010
MCBFA Full Breeder Member

More About us

Veterinary care, Nutrition and Health Guarantee

We are NEGATIVE  for both Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). all of our cats are DNA Negative for HCM and SMA. Mojo and Ringo are N/k (Normal but carriers for PK Deficiency) , however ALL of our girls are Negative/Normal. PK Deficiency can only be inherited if BOTH parents are N/k.

All of our cats undergo an echo-cardiogram yearly for HCM. Mojo and Dusty both had echo-cardiograms on January 4, by Gil Jacobs, DVM,  DACVIM and were found to have healthy hearts and cleared for breeding.  

Our kittens health and well being is paramount. Each kitten sees our vet Jonathan Godley, DVM of St Francis Animal Hospital in Dallas GA, and receives two sets of age appropriate kitten shots, is wormed and a microchip is inserted. Our contract includes a spay/neuter agreement and no declawing agreement, and a 2 year health guarantee for heart related illness.

 If the kitten succumbs within that time period we will replace the kitten as soon as one is available, provided we receive a written necropsy report by a board certified veterinarian. In order for the health guarantee to be effective, all kittens must be seen by the kitten buyers vet within 72 hours of possession. Failure to follow this will void the health guarantee.

We feed our kittens and cats Royal Canin for Maine Coons and  Royal Canin Queen to our expectant mothers, Purina -Friskies ,Fancy Feast , Proplan and Wellness.

Remember to always provide your kitten and cats with several water sources. A Drink Well fountain and several bowls of water is necessary as Maine Coons require alot of water.

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MaineVu Pedigree Maine Coons

News and Cat Show Schedule

MTNest Blue Moon of MaineVu and MaineVu Ring O Fire will be strutting their stuff February 24-25 at the Ancient City Cat Clueb in Saint Augustine, Florida..

Up Coming Litters and Breeding Plans

LA SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu  will be bred to MTNest Yankee Rose of MaineVu this Winter and  to RW, SGC MaineVu Gold Dust Woman this Spring.   

To be added to our waiting list for future litters, please contact us at MaineVu@aol.com or 678-719-8587 daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. 

Terminology for Kitten Availability: 

Reserved: A deposit and a signed contract has been received. Kitten is not available. 

Tentatively Reserved: Waiting for a deposit and signed contract. Kitten is still available.

Under Observation for Show/Breeder: We are evaluating the kitten to see whether he/she will become part of our breeding program or go to another breeder. Kitten is not available.

How to be a good kitten buyer

How to be a good kitten buyer!! 

Credit to Sharon Stegall of Dracoonfly....

It is kitten season and people are searching the internet for the perfect Maine Coon kitten.

For those kitten buyers who are new to the process of getting a purebred kitten, allow me to enlighten you. We as breeders are not trying to place a kitten because we are desperate to find them a home. If a breeder has a decent website and good reputation, they will be bombarded with inquires on a regular basis.In essence, you have to compete for our approval.

The Maine Coon cat is a very popular breed, so much so that we American breeders who live near more populated areas can and should very be particular about who we place our kittens with.The situation in Europe where there are many more Maine Coon breeders than here in the states may be very different. 

If you find a breeder who has more kittens than buyers, something is not right. The internet makes it easy for you to locate breeders, but it also has made it much easier for us to find qualified buyers.

We look for the following in kitten buyers: First impressions do count. If we receive a message that says "How much r ur kittens"? with no greeting or signature, we may conclude that you're not mature enough to be serious. And, it's Maine Coon, named for the state of Maine with an "e" on the end, not "Main" or "Man". If breeders are not responding to your inquiries, take another look at your approach.

If you've been told that a breeder doesn't keep a waiting list, please do not ask to be contacted when a kitten is born, that's a waiting list. Don't send out a mass email to several breeders inquiring about kittens. That's too impersonal and its likely that none of us will reply.

Do not try to negotiate a price! A Maine Coon kitten will cost anywhere from 1,000.00 to $1,500.00 depending on the breeders location, and whether or not the kitten is spayed or neutered or micro-chipped and in some cases one gender, may be more expensive than the other. Kitten sales offset what we spend on our cats and in most cases breeders operate in the red. We're thrilled if we break even. If the price is more than what you had planned on spending, consider a shelter or a Maine Coon that's been retired from showing and breeding. They make fabulous pets!

Don't expect to be able to drop by and visit or shop for a kitten. We are not a pet store. Our cats and kittens have the freedom of our home. We understand the logic of visiting before committing to a kitten, however, we do not allow visitors unless they have already reserved a kitten. 

If you do find yourself in a breeder's home and you are not happy with how the cats are housed or the kittens are raised, be strong enough to leave.

Whether or not you close our front door behind you when you enter our home speaks volumes.

You have every right to request the color and gender you want, but please know that brown classic male tabbies are high in demand. Females may be smaller, and they're fantastic pets as well. Maine Coons come in many different colors; brown, blue, red cream, silver, solid black, white, tabby, tortie, torbie, etc.

Please do not tell us you have the perfect yard for a cat, need a good mouser, or have to replace your last cat because a coyote/hawk/fox got it and expect us to work with you. 

We exercise the right to refuse the wrong home for our babies. They are not disposable pets. 

Even though there are many breeders in the Southeast, there often does not seem to be enough kittens..what to do?

First contact several breeders to get any idea of when kittens are expected so you can contact them again at that time. Search the web, Facebook and Intergram, Fancier's Breeder List (FBRL) and Google for breeders. Lots of breeders are using Facebook as a secondary website. Unfortunately there are websites that are not up to date. Since I created  my website it is up to date.

If a breeder does keep a waiting list, get on it, but keep looking.Ask for referrals. Most Maine Coon breeders know each other and we will gladly refer you to someone else if we do not have kittens.

Cat Shows are a great way to meet breeders and see firsthand how gorgeous their cats are in person, but do not expect to buy a kitten at the show. Very few Maine Coon breeders sell a kitten directly from a show, 

Check TICA.org and CFAInc.org for their show calendars. Good Luck in your search, you will find that there's nothing quite like a Maine Coon and that they are like potato chips, you can't  have just one!! 

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